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BMW M4 road test
03 August 2015

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BMW 4 Series

This is one seriously desirable vehicle. Just stand near it and within 20 seconds you’re sure that you want one. The sleek lines and beautiful wheels completely draw you in. But let’s start with more practical matters.

How it drives

On the road, the M4 gives a perfectly acceptable, comfortable drive in normal mode but it’s when you put it into sport mode that you really begin to experience all that this car has to give. In this mode, the car feels alive and ready to respond to your every steering input. Throwing it around corners, the M4 always feels in tune with what you are asking it to do, giving you the confidence to keep pushing.

This dynamic driving experience is achieved, at least in part, by the reduced weight compared to the old car; all of 45kg has been shed, and a wider track which combine to give the car a lower centre of gravity, meaning that it copes beautifully with any crests and dips the road may throw at you.

The interior

Your driving position in the M4 is good and low, meaning that are able to accurately feel all of the feedback coming from the car, adding to the pleasurable drive. The head-up display and adjustable steering wheel also allow you to stay focused on the job of driving and there’s no way you are likely to be thrown out of the sports seats in a hurry.


Overall, an intoxicating experience. BMW have set the performance benchmark for fast saloon-based cars in recent years and in this coupé version, you can see exactly why.

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