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How much do you know about the history of the Land Rover?
28 August 2015

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The history of Land Rover

It’s certainly one of the most cherished marques of British motoring, and here at Belgrave Motor Company in Sheffield, we usually have several superb choices available. For fun, we’re about to list five ‘facts’ about the company and its vehicles, for you to consider whether each is true or false. We’ll provide all the answers at the end of the blog. So, here goes...

1. The first Land Rover was launched in 1958 at the Amsterdam Motor Show

2. The one millionth Land Rover was only produced in 1994

3. The Range Rover was introduced into the US in 1987

4. It’s just a decade since the Range Rover Sport was introduced

5. The original Land Rover design was inspired by a World War II Jeep

As well as the Sport, here at Belgrave Motor Company we also regularly offer superb examples of the Evoque and Freelander marques. All are presented in terrific condition and thoroughly ready for either city driving, or to enjoy the superb Yorkshire and surrounding area countryside, or even that late summer trip to the seaside.

Back to our questions, and as promised, the answers...

1. False – right place but a full decade earlier in 1948

2. False - that one millionth model rolled off the production line way back in 1976

3. True – officially, although quite a number of models had found their way across the pond before that

4. True – 2005 was the year in question

5. True – back in 1947 by Maurice Wilks, Rover’s chief designer, at his farm on Anglesey. It’s reported that he used the Jeep during one summer there and the prototype was built using a Jeep chassis and axles.

How did you score? Irrespective of the quiz, there is one sure way to be a winner – and that’s to check out our stock of superb quality used Land Rover models now!