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How to make an Audi A3 blush!
03 August 2015

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White Audi A3 rear

As we write this blog, we currently have half-a-dozen superb used Audi A3 models as part of our collection of around eighty prestige used cars available for sale here in Sheffield. A couple are already a glorious red – so we can’t be sure – but with the others, we do believe they are blushing. A bit surprising, because Yorkshire cars are usually as self-effacing as Yorkshire folk.

This is because of the terrific things that are still being said about this superb car, now not far short of twenty years since it was first developed. For example, a review in Telegraph Cars awarded a ten out of ten score for categories such as dashboard layout and fun to drive, commentating that: “It changes direction eagerly and grips strongly, while the steering feels precise and responsive”

Add to this the fact that the Audi A3 won the What Car? Small Family Car and Car of the Year awards in 2013. The editor commented that it: “...mixes excellent refinement and an accomplished driving experience with easily the finest cabin quality ever seen in a small family hatchback. It sets a new benchmark and it is keenly priced, a combination that makes it a worthy Car of the Year.” Phew - it’s almost enough to turn any car’s head! It’s also worth noting that it has even been praised for offering great comfort for passengers over six feet tall. 

Here at Belgrave Motors, we will make sure that our Audi A3s don’t get above themselves and do continue to offer this superb driving experience. They are just one part of our super range of prestige used cars, backed by our commitment to service, that sees customers from Manchester to London, and other parts much further afield than Yorkshire and the surrounding areas, trust us to look after their motoring needs. As one customer kindly said: “Well worth the journey to have peace of mind when changing vehicles”. 

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