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Tips for packing your car boot
30 December 2015

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Belgrave offer tips on how to load your boot

Thoughts are already turning to next year's summer holidays. Whether you're planning a staycation - a holiday at home here in the UK - or thinking of travelling with the family on the continent, the question of how you're going to transport all that luggage in your vehicle inevitably crops up.

Here at Belgrave Motor Company we are used to offering carefully hand-picked quality prestige cars for sale, and we know each vehicle's boot capacity is different. So whether you are looking for a vehicle with plenty of boot space or one that's more compact, the following advice will help you get the most out of your packing.

First off, if your car boot is packed poorly, then it's wasting space. This also makes it difficult for you to find things, which is incredibly frustrating, particularly when you are on the road. Before you pack, take everything out of your car and give the vehicle a really good clean and tidy. Packing subsequently will be much easier and, dare we say, pleasurable.

And while you're at it, check your spare tyre. Is it fit for purpose? There would be nothing worse than having a puncture on your journey and hauling all of your possessions out of the car to find that the spare is flat.

Our first tip is to eliminate any duplication. Why do you need to take more than one bar of soap or toothpaste? Apply this principle across everything you are taking on holiday, so that you are travelling light and efficiently. If you really need to have more of a particular item, then use what you have first and then buy more when you're away.

Now you're ready to pack the boot. Grab all your luggage and place it at the back of the car.

Carefully place all your fragile and breakable possessions (include all your electronic items here) into a strong, sturdy box or crate. Give them extra protection by cushioning them with towels or pillows. It also makes them even easier to pack.

Now it is time to sort your luggage and possessions into four different piles. First of all you should have your emergency items such as a first-aid kit, torch, and batteries. The next pile is the soft things, such as towels, pillows, jackets and blankets. Third is the pile of items you will need while on the road - maps, books, food and drinks. And finally, there should be a pile of stuff you don't need until you get to your holiday destination.

Now it's time to pack. Start with pile four and put all the largest and awkwardly shaped and bulky items in first, making sure they are pushed tightly against the back seat. Next are the squarish and large items such as the suitcases, following the same principle of pushing them in tightly. Then it is the medium-sized items.

Follow this method of packing with pile three.

Put the small items from piles three and four in next, and then the soft items can be fitted in around everything else.

Finally, the emergency items can be placed on top of everything else.

Now you're ready to begin your journey!