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Used convertible cars in Sheffield
03 August 2015

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convertible car with girls from Sheffield sitting in it

Are you ready to be converted?

We don’t mean in a religious way! We’ve also noticed all these TV programmes that undertake conversions for some poor innocent couple or family. Often, when we look at the end result, we think they’d have been better off not bothering!

Thankfully, the same certainly can’t be said for convertible cars. They always look great whether you are in cover-up or top-down mode. With summer stretching before us it would certainly be great to have that choice. It’s still amazing to our Belgrave team that so many people can often take just a little convincing to ‘go for it’. However, we’re never surprised when so many later tell us that they wish they had 'converted' years ago!

So, whether for the first time, or for your latest choice, we are offering some terrific options in convertible cars for sale here in Sheffield. Among the finest are a stunning white 2014 Mercedes-Benz E250 CDI AMG Sport which has only just come of age in mileage terms! The same colour, and less than half the miles, brings us to a superb Audi A5 TFSI S Line. BMW were certainly never going to be left out, with a sleek metallic black 325i Sport Automatic. The leather interior perfectly matches, and the front seats are heated if any summers day might cool a tad as evening draws nigh. 

Just a trio of terrific used convertibles in Sheffield, you can see all of them and more here. Of course, our team at Belgrave Motor Company at Shepcote Way know that making a choice is the fun part. However, car credit for your convertible doesn’t need to be the hassily bit. We work only with selected and trusted partners – and, unlike most others, don’t see this as a way of making extra profit. To find out how we can help you, call us now for a stress free chat. We’re sure we'll ‘convert’ you to our way of doing business when you choose from our convertible cars here in Sheffield!