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Petrol prices plummet
24 December 2014

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a petrol pump nozzle

With the recent news that petrol prices are plummeting to less than £1 a litre, there’s no better time to think about upgrading your car. Here at Belgrave Motor Company, we have an amazing selection of quality, prestige cars for sale, which are now cheaper to run than ever before. If you’re looking to change from a runaround vehicle to something higher range, we’ve got the very best vehicles on the market, exceptional customer service and amazing prices waiting for you.

There may have been a time when you dreamed about owning a luxury vehicle, such as a gorgeous 4x4 or luxurious sports car, but this goal had been out of reach. Now, having the car of your dreams couldn’t be more obtainable. Cars are going to become much cheaper to run, meaning you can consider upgrading to cars with larger engines and high quality features. Here at Belgrave Motor Company, we have got an incredible range of cars with plenty of power and plenty of luxurious features that only newer cars can provide. You won’t believe what you’ll be able to afford. Our selection of prestige cars for sale in Sheffield is a reflection of our passion for beautiful vehicles that turn heads for all the right reasons. In fact, our reputation for the best quality vehicles is the reason that we have loyal customers all over the world, not just in Sheffield.

The plummet in petrol prices is opening the doors to millions of people, giving them access to better vehicles with better facilities and features. Households are already living more comfortably than they were before, with statistics saying that, on average, families have an extra £11 a month. Start putting that spare cash towards the car of your dreams today and visit Belgrave Motor Company for luxury cars and sports cars in Sheffield.