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23 October 2015

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Put your car knowledge to the test

If you are of a certain age, the title of this blog post might have suggested a bag of goodies, sweets you could choose yourself back in the days when Woolworths was a high street presence! Here at Belgrave, we pick and mix carefully chosen used cars from the best of manufacturers to offer our stunning selection.

With this in mind, our quick fun quiz gives you the chance to match facts to marques. Of course, we also provide the answers at the foot of the post. Here goes...

Can you match these five models to their relevant manufacturers?

- Models: Q5, Targa, ML250, Qashqai, and S-Max
- Manufacturers: Porsche, Nissan, Mercedes, Ford and Audi

How about matching some statements with companies?

1. Their headquarters are in The Glass House at Dearborn, Michigan.
2. Merged with Prince Motor Company in 1966.
3. Used the slogan ‘Truth in Engineering’ to market their products in the US.
4. An Austrian engineer gave his name to this marque.
5. Has the same name as a Spanish girl might be given.

How do you think you’ve scored? The answers will be provided in a moment, but please also take the chance to browse our online showroom, or pay us a visit here at Belgrave Motor Company at Shepcote Way in Sheffield. You'll quickly see we have the answers for any car choice questions you might have! Finally, back to the quiz...

Models and manufacturers: Porsche Targa, Mercedes ML250, Audi Q5, Nissan Qashqai, and Ford S-Max. Facts: Ford is based in Dearborn; Nissan merged with Prince with the aim of introducing more upmarket models; in the US, Audi used the ‘Truth in Engineering’ slogan, rather than the classic ‘Vorsprung durch Technik’ that we would recognise; Ferdinand Porsche was that Austrian engineer; and Mercedes is the girl’s name of Spanish origin.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this quick quiz; at least it has taken our minds off those wonderful sweet-filled bags from Woolworths!