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Why that breakdown support should seal the deal
30 January 2016

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Why vehicle breakdown support is so important

If you are looking to buy a new car, it can be tempting to go for a private sale. Quick, simple and easy to arrange yourself, private sales cut out any third party. You choose the car, pay the money and ownership is transferred to you. With no overheads and other considerations, the price quoted is usually the bare minimum and cheaper than other deals. But are you really getting a bargain when you buy this way? You might be picking up a car, but private sales are the no-frills way of buying. You are not likely to see many extras thrown in - and you certainly risk picking up a car that is not protected under warranty.

Choosing a reputable dealer is your way of ensuring that you are protected once you have paid your money. Even when you drive away in your new vehicle, you are being looked after by your car dealer. Professional and reputable companies such as Belgrave Motors will always offer a warranty on vehicles purchased, and this guarantee keeps you covered if anything goes wrong. If you do choose a car for which the manufacturer's warranty no longer applies, you still get the benefits of cover through the dealer's warranty package. With the warranty offered on all used cars as standard - except where an existing warranty is still in place - you are assured that the car you have bought will be reliable or will be replaced.

This package ensures that faults with the car are covered and help can be sought if anything happens. It also includes breakdown cover under the terms offered by RAC, who are one of the nation's leading recovery teams. For a six month period from purchase, parts and labour are covered under the purchase agreement you sign on buying your vehicle. Should a breakdown happen, you know a recovery truck will be along to collect you quickly, and that the repairs are covered under the terms of your plan. You can't put a price on that peace of mind!