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Why that breakdown support should seal the deal

If you are looking to buy a new car, it can be tempting to go for a private sale. Quick, simple and easy to arrange yourself, private sales cut out any third party. You choose the car, pay the money and ownership is transferred to you. With no overheads and other considerations, the price quoted is
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Safe driving in floods

Sadly, the UK has seen regular bouts of flooding in recent years. Flooding can happen very quickly, and you may be faced with water on the roads completely unexpectedly. Here's some advice for safer driving: Driving in flooded conditions
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Tips for packing your car boot

Thoughts are already turning to next year's summer holidays. Whether you're planning a staycation - a holiday at home here in the UK - or thinking of travelling with the family on the continent, the question of how you're going to transport all that luggage in your vehicle inevitably crops up.
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Sourcing that perfect car for 2016

If you want to make a big statement and show someone how much they mean to you, a prestige vehicle is a gesture that will surely be appreciated. At Belgrave Motors, we stock beautiful luxury cars at affordable prices - and we offer finance packages to make purchasing easy. You can make the right imp
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Which cars are most popular with drivers in 2015?

The top-selling cars of the year so far have been revealed by the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), and the Ford Fiesta is still leading the way in the UK. This versatile model has been the people's choice for years, with the current version first launching back in 2008. Sales of th
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How to prepare for uphill driving

As any seasoned Sheffielder will know, uphill routes aren't always the easiest to manouvre - especially when winter kicks in and the ice starts to show.
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How to prepare your car for the winter weather

With winter rapidly rolling in there are several measures that concerned motorists can take to ensure that their vehicle remains in an excellent condition despite the colder weather. Listed below are Belgrave Motors' top tips on how to prepare your car for the winter weather: 1. Check your brakes
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Take our pick and mix quiz

If you are of a certain age, the title of this blog post might have suggested a bag of goodies, sweets you could choose yourself back in the days when Woolworths was a high street presence! Here at Belgrave, we pick and mix carefully chosen used cars from the best of manufacturers to offer our stunn
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Audi's luxurious off-road innovations

For many years Audi have reigned supreme as one of the world's most renowned automotive manufacturers of luxury SUV vehicles. From developing innovative Hill Descent Assist technology and Electronic Stability Programme (ESP) modes that enhance the handling capabilities and vehicular stability of cur
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Luxury costs less than you think

If you’re in the market for a new car then you might be tempted by the cut-price deals on offer for the latest economy hatchback, or dull as ditchwater saloon. It will have that shiny new car smell, but once that fades you’ll be left with a heavily depreciating reminder that life could b
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